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Dear Carla,


I find your work very interesting. As I told you, I have encountered tangles of wires etc on utility posts in other locations and have always found them fascinating. They become a form of graphic art when photographed or drawn, and strange sort of automatic writing against the urban sky, as in this example from Bucharest, spring 2012.


The chaos of wiring in third-world cities is another case in point, with the largely illegal methods of 'stealing' electricity that go with such instances. It is interesting how you have taken your observation of the tangles of wires as a basic context and have developed it further into the metaphorical or poetic, a leap of imagination that makes good sense, and will allow you considerable space for further development.


The other works, 'Irreversible', are also interesting – fascinating in fact – and seem to be fairly close to the thinking I have developed over a period of time, as encapsulated in my 'statement', 'The Precarious Body', to be found on my website at I make the connection because in much of the work in connection with this statement (a series titled 'Ghosts and Angels') I begin with photographed images of my own (unclad) body as reflected in a mirror. As you will see, the theme is very much to do with fading corporeality and the passage of time. In that sense it aligns with your brief and eloquent 'Irreversible' statement and the work that goes with it: all of which I find to be very good.


I hope these comments are of some interest and use. I am still processing the amazing amount of visual impressions and conversations that came to me during those two very intense weeks in Argentina, so please forgive me for not making a more lengthy analysis of your work!


With warm good wishes,


                                                                                                                                                        Richard Noyce.

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